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Ichigeki Sacchu!! Hoihoi-san Manga

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From Infinity Studios: With the invention of the automatic vacuum robot and the time-set video recording devices, what is the next breakthrough in home appliances? Why that would be cute female mini-robots that kill bugs of course! In Ichigeki Sacchu!! HoiHoi-san, a corporation in this alternate universe has created such a pest control agent and it’s the hottest selling item ever. Journey along with one enthusiast of these robots called HoiHoi-san’s and experience the joys & suffering of being a dutiful owner of these new adorable, bug killing, wallet busting machines.

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Ichigeki Sacchu!! Hoihoi-san

  • Alternative title(s):一撃殺虫!!ホイホイさん Ichigeki Sacchu Hoihoi-san, Ichigeki Sacchuu Hoihoi-san, Interceptor-Doll Hoihoi-san
  • Released in:1999
  • Author(s):TANAKA Kunihiko
  • Artist(s):TANAKA Kunihiko
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Sci-fi, Seinen
  • Status:Completed


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