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Last chapters 13.5 [Side Story] The Mysterious Tale of the Editor ~Ibitsu: Another... 13 The Rumour of the Girl 12 The Girl That Imprisons

A boy went to take his trash out late one night, and found a strange, creepy, lolita woman sitting amongst the garbage bags. She asked if he had a little sister, and he answered her, hurrying afterwards back to his apartment. When he looked out the window, she was gone. Who is the strange woman, and why does she give him such a bad feeling?

Manga by RYOU Haruka

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  • Volume 2
  • 4 years agoIbitsu 13.5: [Side Story] The Mysterious Tale of the Editor ~Ibitsu: Another...
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 13: The Rumour of the Girl
  • 4 years agoIbitsu 12: The Girl That Imprisons
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 11: The Girl of Nightmares
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 10: The Mad Girl
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 9: The Girl Inside the Memories
  • 2 years agoIbitsu 8: The Girl in the Hospital
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 7: The Girl Behind the Door
  • Volume 1
  • 4 years agoIbitsu 6.5: [Side Story] The Corridor of Dolls: Ibitsu ~Another Story~
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 6: The Chasing Girl
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 5: The Hammer Girl
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 4: The Determined Girl
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 3: The Encounter with the Girl
  • 5 years agoIbitsu 2: The Trespassing Girl
  • 3 years agoIbitsu 1: The Girl at the Trash Dump

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