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Hirunaka no Ryuusei

ひるなかの流星; 晝行閃耀的流星; Daytime Shooting Star; Hirunaka no Ryūsei; Hirunaka no Ryusei

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15-year-old country girl, Suzume Yosano, has to move to Tokyo to live with her uncle due to her father's transfer. She bumps into a mysterious man who ends up taking her to her uncle's place after she gets lost. Turns out, Suzume will be seeing him a lot more often once she starts school because... he's her homeroom teacher!? Included in the manga is a oneshot story called Tsuyu Kaoru (A Love Story in Moist Rainy Days) in volume six: A romantic and melancholic love story behind a red umbrella.

Manga by Yamamori Mika

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  • saradz · 4 weeks ago

    this manga is really good i love shishio sense

  • k12y23e85 · 4 weeks ago

    shishio sensei, fight!!!! suzume, please choose shishio sensei!!! (.^_^.)

  • ulfaniewiyatama · 3 weeks ago

    shishio sensei is so cute, and mamura kun is so cool yet cute too i love chunchun being with shishio sensei but poor mamura kun~

  • --Annina-- · 3 weeks ago

    i love this manga, chun chun and shinshio sensei are so cute

  • tzeitel_elric08 · 3 weeks ago

    yeah... this is great... however due to the current flow of the story, seems like im shipping to mamura kun and suzume...i mean he's sooo adorable!!!!

  • tzeitel_elric08 · 3 weeks ago

    next chapter pls....

  • tzeitel_elric08 · 2 weeks ago

    thanks for the updates!!! i really like this manga.... great...

  • --Annina-- · 2 weeks ago

    thanx for the updates :)

  • Alreem · 2 weeks ago

    I love the manga were there are love between teacher and student ... it is so enjoyable :)

  • yui-chibi · 6 days ago

    Updates!! MAmura you can do this!!!

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