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Heart Stop Manga

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One evening, Fukada misses his normal train stop. Upon walking home, he turns to see a man who had been following him since he left the train. The man, in shock, runs away suddenly into the night. The following day, as Fukada admires some artwork at his cafe job, the man reappears! The man, Takemodo, turns out to be the artist of the many paintings that Fukada admires so! Upon Fukada's usual train ride home, he spots Takemodo. Upon both of them departing, and one mans obviousness to follow the other home, Fukada asks "Why are you following me?". Takemodo responds "I do it because I love you". How will Fukada respond?!

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Heart Stop

  • Alternative title(s):Heart Colorful; Heart Match; Heart Mystery?; Heart Push
  • Released in:Unkown
  • Author(s):Kujou Aoi
  • Artist(s):Kujou Aoi
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Romance, Yaoi
  • Status:Ongoing


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