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Negai Kanae Tamae Manga

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Kinukawa was a second class pianist and he occasionally played in small clubs. He had a fairly loyal audience, a man who always listened to his piano and after a while, he was attracted by the man's admiration for his piano. One time, he accidentally spilt water onto the man Fukami's jacket. As a result, Fukami's subordinate stabbed Kinukawa's hand right through. Kinukawa then worked at his father's coffee shop as he liked making cakes and Fukami came. He then told Kinukawa that if he could make cakes there were not sweet, he would come. The next time Fukami came, he told Kinukawa that he bought a piano and would like him to teach him how to play. Kinukawa agreed and he was happy teaching Fukami, but teaching a yakuza piano was more than what it seemed.

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Negai Kanae Tamae


    Manga by NISHIDA Higashi

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