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Giséle Alain Manga

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"Giséle Alain will provide you with any service, Madame," Gisèle claims as she puts a sign on her door. Gisèle Alain is the owner of an apartment and decides to take on whatever request that she receives. She forces Eric, a resident of the apartment with overdue rent, to tag along with her service. Their first mission is to find a cat that another resident has lost and claims to have been missing for 3 days. Upon further investigation, they find a suspicious man taking away cats to an unknown alley. Gisèle decides to investigate further and finds out who the man is without hesitation! An amusing yet calm service providing you with anything you want; at your service by Gisèle Alain! [B-U M]

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Giséle Alain

  • Alternative title(s):Gisèle Alain, Gisele Alain, Gisele Alain Series, Jizeru Aran, Jizeru Aranshiriizu, Jizeru Aranshirizu
  • Released in:1999
  • Author(s):Kasai Sui
  • Artist(s):KASAI Sui
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Romance, Seinen
  • Status:Ongoing


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