Tragedy Manga

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  • Bookmark7 Chapters39k ViewsDrama, Josei, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, TragedyShuuseki Kairo no Himawari
  • Bookmark1 Chapters9k ViewsDrama, Shoujo, TragedyThe Girl's Winter
  • Bookmark11 Chapters7k ViewsDrama, Romance, TragedyDensen Complex
  • Bookmark2 Chapters43k ViewsDrama, Supernatural, Tragedy, YaoiTouch Me Again
  • Bookmark4 Chapters130k ViewsDrama, Psychological, Tragedy, YaoiNamida mo Tooku - Aonibi no Nemuri
  • Bookmark16 Chapters51k ViewsAction, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, TragedyOrfina
  • Bookmark5 Chapters6k ViewsDrama, Romance, Shoujo, TragedyWasurerarenai
  • Bookmark5 Chapters239k ViewsDrama, Historical, Mature, Tragedy, YaoiAnxiety of Soul
  • Bookmark18 Chapters13k ViewsDrama, Historical, School Life, Shoujo, Shoujo Ai, TragedyOniisama e...
  • Bookmark3 Chapters37k ViewsDrama, Historical, Shoujo, Tragedy, YaoiLudwig II
  • Bookmark1 Chapters11k ViewsDrama, Josei, Romance, Supernatural, TragedyThe Devil's Trill
  • Bookmark4 Chapters90k ViewsAction, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts, Seinen, TragedyAssassin Story
  • Bookmark4 Chapters236k ViewsDrama, Mature, Tragedy, YaoiNigai Kajitsu
  • Bookmark9 Chapters40k ViewsDrama,Fantasy,Shoujo,Shoujo Ai,TragedyAngel Dust
  • Bookmark5 Chapters16k ViewsDrama, Fantasy, Supernatural, TragedyShirahime-Syo
  • Bookmark4 Chapters163k ViewsDrama, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Tragedy, YaoiMister Mermaid
  • Bookmark4 Chapters44k ViewsPsychological, Tragedy, YaoiKreuz
  • Bookmark2 Chapters27k ViewsComedy, Drama, Romance, Seinen, TragedyUndead
  • Bookmark3 Chapters59k ViewsAction, Drama, Psychological, Seinen, Shounen Ai, TragedyMW
  • Bookmark64 Chapters167k ViewsAction, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural, TragedyWatashi No Messiah Sama
  • Bookmark5 Chapters81k ViewsDrama, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen Ai, Tragedy, YaoiItsuka Sukida to Itte
  • Bookmark1 Chapters14k ViewsShounen, Sports, TragedyShiroi Natsu
  • Bookmark19 Chapters137k ViewsHarem, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Shoujo, Shounen Ai, TragedyGod Child
  • Bookmark2 Chapters143k ViewsDrama, Psychological, Tragedy, YaoiGiglio
  • Bookmark16 Chapters57k ViewsDrama, Historical, Shounen Ai, Tragedy, YaoiKago no Tori
  • Bookmark4 Chapters12k ViewsDrama, Psychological, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, TragedyMemai
  • Bookmark4 Chapters6k ViewsDrama, Romance, Shoujo, TragedyOwaru Heart Janee
  • Bookmark5 Chapters154k ViewsComedy, Historical, Shounen Ai, TragedyHybrid Child
  • Bookmark2 Chapters31k ViewsDrama, Historical, Romance, Sci-fi, TragedyDeja vu
  • Bookmark4 Chapters37k ViewsDrama, Horror, Psychological, Shoujo, Tragedy, YuriMaya's Funeral Procession
  • Bookmark4 Chapters323k ViewsDrama, Mature, Psychological, Tragedy, YuriGirls Only.
  • Bookmark8 Chapters24k ViewsHorror, Mystery, Sci-fi, Shounen, Supernatural, TragedyGareki no Eden
  • Bookmark1 Chapters17k ViewsShoujo Ai, TragedyChic (FUWA Shinri)
  • Bookmark20 Chapters155k ViewsFantasy, Sci-fi, Shoujo, TragedyClover (Clamp)
  • Bookmark4 Chapters97k ViewsDrama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural, TragedyHotarubi no Mori E
  • Bookmark3 Chapters150k ViewsTragedy, YaoiBoys Love
  • Bookmark47 Chapters62k ViewsHorror, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural, TragedyHitsuji no Uta
  • Bookmark4 Chapters18k ViewsDrama, Josei, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, TragedyTaiyou no Ichiwaru
  • Bookmark3 Chapters165k ViewsDrama, Mature, Shoujo, TragedyDeep Love - Reina no Unmei
  • Bookmark8 Chapters404k ViewsDrama, Mature, Shoujo, TragedyDeep Love - Ayu no Monogatari
  • Bookmark10 Chapters5k ViewsAdventure, Fantasy, TragedyChninkel
  • Bookmark1 Chapters56k ViewsDrama, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Supernatural, TragedyForever Honey
  • Bookmark5 Chapters70k ViewsShounen Ai, TragedyKissing
  • Bookmark3 Chapters83k ViewsDrama, Horror, Psychological, Shoujo, Shounen Ai, TragedyShounen Zanzou
  • Bookmark7 Chapters178k ViewsDrama, Tragedy, YaoiKyouken Breeder
  • Bookmark4 Chapters12k ViewsDrama, Josei, Romance, School Life, TragedyTaiyou no Uta
  • Bookmark47 Chapters181k ViewsEcchi, Mature, Romance, Sci-fi, Seinen, TragedyAi-Ren
  • Bookmark6 Chapters165k ViewsDrama, Romance, TragedyBoku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai

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