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  • Bookmark5 Chapters0k Views Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts, Seinen, Shounen AiYagyuu Hijouken Samon
  • Bookmark25 Chapters0k ViewsAction, Mature, SeinenYami no Aegis
  • Bookmark73 Chapters50k ViewsComedy, Martial Arts, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life, SportsYawara!
  • Bookmark12 Chapters375k ViewsDrama, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life, SmutYellow Heart
  • Bookmark39 Chapters0k ViewsComedy, Seinen, Slice Of LifeYoningurashi
  • Bookmark12 Chapters29k ViewsFantasy, Romance, Seinen, SupernaturalYougen No Chi
  • Bookmark21 Chapters0k ViewsAction, Drama, School Life, SeinenYoung Gun Carnaval
  • Bookmark17 Chapters0k ViewsComedy, Drama, Seinen, Slice Of LifeYoung Shima Kousaku
  • Bookmark1 Chapters3k ViewsComedy, Ecchi, One Shot, Seinen, SupernaturalYousei Ningyo Shoujo Kurumi
  • Bookmark71 Chapters56k ViewsDrama, Ecchi, Gender Bender, Romance, Seinen, Slice Of LifeYubisaki Milk Tea
  • Bookmark145 Chapters132k ViewsComedy,Drama,Ecchi,Harem,Romance,Seinen,Slice of LifeYume de Aetara
  • Bookmark13 Chapters8k ViewsAdult, Comedy, Horror, Mature, Psychological, SeinenYume no Omocha Koujo
  • Bookmark47 Chapters125k ViewsAction, Ecchi, Fantasy, Seinen, SupernaturalYumekui Merry
  • Bookmark3 Chapters23k ViewsDrama, Seinen, Slice of LifeYunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni
  • Bookmark79 Chapters332k ViewsComedy, Mature, Seinen, Slice of LifeYuria 100 Shiki
  • Bookmark2 Chapters0k ViewsComedy, Drama, School Life, SeinenYuritetsu
  • Bookmark4 Chapters0k ViewsComedy, Seinen, Slice Of LifeYurumeitsu
  • Bookmark1 Chapters14k ViewsFantasy, SeinenYururizumu
  • Bookmark9 Chapters195k ViewsComedy, Mature, Romance, School Life, SeinenYuuhi no Ochiru Jikan
  • Bookmark19 Chapters330k ViewsDrama, Ecchi, Mature, Seinen, SupernaturalYuutai Nova
  • Bookmark65 Chapters50k ViewsAction, Martial Arts, Mature, SeinenY十M
  • 21 manga
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