Romance Manga

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  • Bookmark1 Chapters29k ViewsRomance, School Life, ShoujoMomotan
  • Bookmark11 Chapters1130k ViewsDrama, Ecchi, Mature, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Slice of LifeNana to Kaoru Arashi
  • Bookmark20 Chapters34k ViewsDrama, Romance, School Life, ShoujoTonari no Atashi
  • Bookmark8 Chapters229k ViewsEcchi, Harem, Mature, Romance, School Life, SeinenSense
  • Bookmark6 Chapters44k ViewsRomance, ShoujoSensei ni, Ageru
  • Bookmark1 Chapters20k ViewsRomance, ShoujoKoibito wa 16-sai
  • Bookmark10 Chapters77k ViewsDrama, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life, SmutTokyo Juliet
  • Bookmark37 Chapters27k ViewsAction, Ecchi, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Seinen, SupernaturalKandachime
  • Bookmark28 Chapters206k ViewsComedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Horror, Romance, Seinen, SupernaturalMagetsukan Kitan
  • Bookmark71 Chapters922k ViewsComedy, Drama, Ecchi, Mature, Romance, SeinenLove Junkies
  • Bookmark24 Chapters1312k ViewsComedy, Romance, School Life, YaoiKatekyo!
  • Bookmark102 Chapters86k ViewsAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, ShounenChronicles of the Cursed Sword
  • Bookmark13 Chapters64k ViewsAction, Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance, ShounenHanzasky
  • Bookmark39 Chapters57k ViewsAction, Drama, Gender Bender, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi, Shoujo, Shoujo Ai, Shounen AiKaguya Hime
  • Bookmark5 Chapters2k ViewsComedy, Drama, Romance, ShoujoKakedashita Cupid
  • Bookmark6 Chapters21k ViewsRomance, ShoujoIya da nante Iwasenai
  • Bookmark40 Chapters330k ViewsComedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, SmutYoru Made Matenai
  • Bookmark10 Chapters30k ViewsDrama, Gender Bender, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, SupernaturalYukarism
  • Bookmark35 Chapters9k ViewsAction, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Shounen, SupernaturalShibatora
  • Bookmark31 Chapters0k ViewsDrama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, WebtoonsCome Spring
  • Bookmark22 Chapters26k ViewsComedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Seinen, SupernaturalMushi to Medama to Teddy bear
  • Bookmark5 Chapters0k ViewsGender Bender, Harem, Psychological, Romance, School Life, ShoujoLove Sick
  • Bookmark29 Chapters66k ViewsComedy, Ecchi, Romance, Seinen, Slice of LifeHoozuki-san Chi no Aneki
  • Bookmark4 Chapters1k ViewsRomance, ShoujoKokoromade Daite
  • Bookmark1 Chapters16k ViewsRomance, ShoujoLily
  • Bookmark85 Chapters3700k ViewsAction, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, SupernaturalVampire Knight
  • Bookmark11 Chapters47k ViewsComedy, Romance, ShoujoGood Morning Kiss
  • Bookmark1 Chapters433k ViewsComedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, SmutI Want to Know Everything!
  • Bookmark76 Chapters20k ViewsAction, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, ShounenTower of God
  • Bookmark34 Chapters58k ViewsComedy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, ShounenPrunus Girl
  • Bookmark8 Chapters105k ViewsAction, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, ShounenDead Soul Revolver
  • Bookmark5 Chapters2k ViewsDrama, Romance, ShoujoOotomachikku Enjeru
  • Bookmark24 Chapters37k ViewsComedy, Romance, ShoujoCinderella Fella
  • Bookmark6 Chapters75k ViewsDrama, Mature, Romance, ShoujoAno Ko to Issho
  • Bookmark11 Chapters0k ViewsComedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of LifeLiselotte to Majo no Mori
  • Bookmark11 Chapters25k ViewsRomance, School Life, ShoujoKimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda
  • Bookmark33 Chapters0k ViewsJosei, Mature, RomanceGold (FUJITA Kazuko)
  • Bookmark4 Chapters0k Views Action, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, ShounenBee-Be-Beat It!
  • Bookmark9 Chapters96k ViewsAction, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, ShounenMuramasa
  • Bookmark3 Chapters31k ViewsComedy, Romance, School Life, ShoujoMitsuai Celeb
  • Bookmark2 Chapters34k ViewsComedy, Romance, School Life, SeinenAmagami - Precious Diary
  • Bookmark5 Chapters38k ViewsComedy, Romance, School Life, ShoujoNever Cry
  • Bookmark14 Chapters23k ViewsRomance, ShoujoKare wa Tsumetai Furi o Shite
  • Bookmark1 Chapters0k ViewsFantasy, Romance, Shoujo, SupernaturalAkuma to Duet
  • Bookmark131 Chapters253k ViewsAdventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, TragedyFushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
  • Bookmark28 Chapters128k ViewsComedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, ShoujoL-DK
  • Bookmark81 Chapters1330k ViewsComedy, Drama, Ecchi, Mature, Romance, School Life, SeinenKodomo no Jikan
  • Bookmark16 Chapters0k ViewsRomance, ShoujoI Do I Do

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