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  • A Certain Around 30's Delusions (2013)

    3 - 1 votes Comedy Ecchi Mature Shounen

    Kasai Rena is a hard-working office girl with a peculiar interest she hides from everyone...

  • One Piece (1997)

    4.7 - 40 votes Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial arts Shounen Supernatural

    As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming the King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like rubber… at the cost of never being able to swim again! Now Luffy, with the help of a motley collection of pirate wannabes, is setting off in search of the "One Piece," said to be the greatest treasure in the world...

  • Nana to Kaoru (2008)

    3.8 - 14 votes Drama Ecchi Mature Romance School Life Seinen Slice of Life

    Kaoru is a 17-year-old virgin who has an SM fetish. He secretly dreams about an SM relationship with his childhood friend Nana. One day Kaoru's mom asks Nana to hide all his SM toys so he'll study for a change. However, Nana finds the leather one-piece that Kaoru bought and tries it on, but she accidentally locks it and doesn't have the key! The beginning of super strange relationship. Due to the popularity of Nana to Kaoru, the series resumes publication in Young Animal and chapter 22 is the final chapter in Young Animal Arashi. Publication of the series will continue in Young Animal, but renumbered as chapter 1 while maintaining the same...

  • Naruto (1999)

    4.5 - 47 votes Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Shounen

    Twelve years before the events at the focus of the series, the nine-tailed demon fox attacked Konohagakure. It was a powerful demon indeed; a single swing of one of its nine tails would raise tsunamis and flatten mountains. It raised chaos and slaughtered many people, until the leader of the Leaf Village - the Fourth Hokage - defeated it by sacrificing his own life to seal the demon inside a newly-born child. That child's name was Naruto Uzumaki

  • Nozoki Ana (2009)

    5 - 1 votes Ecchi Harem Mature Slice of Life

    Kido Tatsuhiko moved to Tokyo to attend an art school and start his new life. In his new room, there’s a small hole in the wall. At first he can see nothing through the small hole, but one night, through the peeping hole, he saw a girl. That’s how his new life starts.

  • Bleach (2001)

    4.4 - 38 votes Action Adventure Comedy Drama Martial arts Psychological Fantasy Shounen Supernatural

    Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts, but this ability doesn't change his life nearly as much as his close encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper and member of the mysterious Soul Society. While fighting a Hollow, an evil spirit that preys on humans who display psychic energy, Rukia attempts to lend Ichigo some of her powers so that he can save his family; but much to her surprise, Ichigo absorbs every last drop of her energy. Now a full-fledged Soul Reaper himself, Ichigo quickly learns that the world he inhabits is one full of dangerous spirits and, along with Rukia, it's Ichigo's job to protect the innocent from Ho...

  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2003)

    4.6 - 11 votes Action Comedy Shounen Supernatural

    Katekyo Hitman Reborn tells us the story of Tsunayoshi Sawada, aka "No-Good Tsuna", who fails at almost everything - ball sports, tests, quizzes, even crushes. But when he gets a home tutor, Tsuna's life begins to take a different course. His home tutor is Reborn, an infant hitman from the Mafia from Italy who uses spartan ways of teaching Tsuna. Later, Reborn reveals that Tsuna is the 10th Generation heir of the strongest Mafia family in Italy, the Vongola Family! He must now begin his journey to find the rightful Guardians and defeat any enemies in his way, all while coping with school, his crush, and surviving Reborn's deadly teaching meth...

  • Pocket Monster Special (1997)

    4.8 - 12 votes Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Shounen

    Pokemon comics based on the original Game Boy game...not the TV series! POKéMON ADVENTURES includes all the Gym Leaders, places, and opponents from the game. There's plenty of action as trainers named Red and Blue explore forests, jungles, cities, and caves in search of Pokémon and excitement. But can they foil the schemes of Team Rocket, a mysterious group of villains who want to use Pokémon for evil?

  • Completed

    Sundome (2006)

    4.3 - 11 votes Comedy Drama Ecchi Mature Romance School Life Seinen

    The protagonist, Hideo Aiba, just like in other mangas, is a loser. He is a part of a club at school called the \"Roman Club\" filled with weirdos and otaku freaks, one of them being a leg fetishist who plays with a doll, one of them being a voyeurist fetishist, and another one being an anal fetishist. One day a girl named Kurumi Sahana, transfers to his class. On first sight he falls for her. The same day she checks out the roman club and thinks it\'s really funny and interesting. On the first day there she finds a book called \"The Secret Book Of Masturbation\" and then she asks the main guy to...

  • Fairy Tail (2006)

    4.6 - 19 votes Action Adventure Comedy Drama Ecchi Fantasy Harem Shounen Supernatural

    Celestial wizard Lucy wants to join the Fairy Tail, a club for the most powerful wizards. But instead, her ambitions land her in the clutches of a gang of unsavory pirates led by a devious magician. Her only hope is Natsu, a strange boy she happens to meet on her travels. Natsu's not your typical hero - but he just might be Lucy's best hope.

  • Break Blade (2007)

    4.8 - 6 votes Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Mecha Sci-fi Shounen Tragedy

    Rygart Arrow is the only one in his world who lacks the inherent ability to power up quartz, the energy source that makes all of the machines run. Nevertheless, he's pretty well connected. The King and Queen of his country of Krisna happen to be old college friends. But so is Zess, the guy who is leading the army of a neighboring kingdom in an attack on Krisna. How did it comes to this? There's little time to ponder the implications as an army in giant, mechanized battle suits attacks. Arrow just feels like he's in the way - until he comes across a powerful, ancient mech that no one has yet to be able to figure out how to run. But his natu...

  • Mujaki no Rakuen (2011)

    0 - 0 votes Adult Comedy Ecchi Lolicon Romance Seinen

    Shouta, a 25-year-old NEET, is mocked by his former female classmates who've all become successful, at their class reunion. A mysterious incident at the school pool throws him back in time and lets him deal with those same classmates back when they were fifth grade girls.

  • Completed

    Dengeki Daisy (2006)

    4.9 - 38 votes Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo

    After orphan Teru Kurebayashi loses her beloved older brother, she finds solace in the messages she exchanges with Daisy, an enigmatic figure who can only be reached through the cell phone her brother left her. Meanwhile, Teru meets and forms a strange friendship with mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki, her school's janitor. For some reason, Kurosaki always seems to be around whenever Teru needs help which leads Teru to wonder: Could Daisy be a lot closer than she thinks? As the mystery of Daisy unfolds, Teru also discovers that there may have been a lot more to the life and death of her brother than she ever dreamed . . . and that the man she tho...

  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (1999)

    4.3 - 3 votes

    Based on the TV series, where Setsuna is in a mercenary peacekeeping organization called Celestial Being.

  • Completed

    Cutie Lips (2005)

    4 - 5 votes Ecchi Mature Romance Smut

    1) Surf Side Bikini Girl He likes big boobs and she isn't like that. Still, they really like each other. He will help her make them bigger?! 2) Lady Virgo They both watch the same tv horoscope, they are both virgos and they both believe in the lucky items and lucky colors. That's what makes them closer, but also what tries now to separate them? 3) Work Hard! Nagano is a new worker, part time, at the company where Takigawa works. He notice her and because of her he tries to look serious, hard working. He knows the difference of age, she is 8 years younger than him, and thinks that she will never like an "old man" like him. B...

  • Futari Ecchi (1997)

    3.3 - 3 votes Mature Romance Seinen Slice of Life

    An excellent and very educational series. About a newlywed couple who are virgins and their comedic ups and downs in learning how to have sex. Not really a hentai, though there are scenes which can be called hentai. Tastfully rendered taboo themes. A funny "how to" guide for sex illiterate and experts. Even though this is not for children, it may be suitable for older teens, let's say 16+. WARNING: For a mature or adult audience only due to nudity and adult situations.

  • To Love-Ru Darkness (2009)

    5 - 5 votes Action Comedy Ecchi Harem Romance School Life Sci-fi Shounen Supernatural

    Even though this is a sequel to To-Love-Ru, all of our main characters make an appearance along with some new additions. Rito continues to be caught in over the top uncensored ecchi scenarios. The alien Deviluke sisters still use their unique abilities to grab Rito's love confession. Nana and Momo have transferred into the school and meet Mea, who seems to be a worry free and joyful girl. Momo in particular wants to share Rito and create a harem for him. While scheming her plan, she confronts Golden Darkness also known as Yami. They are interrupted by possessed students who begin to fight with abnormal strength. Now the new plot line appears...

  • Hunter X Hunter (1998)

    4.7 - 15 votes Action Adventure Fantasy Shounen

    Hunters are a special breed, dedicated to tracking down treasures, magical beasts, and even other men. But such pursuits require a license, and less than one in a hundred thousand can pass the grueling qualification exam. Those who do pass gain access to restricted areas, amazing stores of information, and the right to call themselves Hunters.

  • Completed

    A Certain Hero's Death (2006)

    2 - 1 votes Adult Mature One Shot Sci-fi

    Imagine, that the roles of whales and humans were swapped. So whales (or whale-like creatures) would be rather small, able to talk and smart. Humans would be large, stupid and hunted by whale-people. Then shake this all in the slightly insane head of Shintaro Kago and you get this peculiar one-shot, making you see how our actions affect nature.

  • Kidou Senshi Gundam C.D.A. - Wakaki Suisei no Shouzou (2002)

    5 - 1 votes Action Drama Mecha Sci-fi Shounen

    In the wake of the One Year War, the fragmented Principality of Zeon slowly begins to heal. While the Side 3 Colonies are reformed to the old Republic of Zeon status under the watchful gaze of the Earth Federation, remnants of the Principality fleet escape to the last fortress under Zeon control; the asteroid base, Axis. Civilians and soldiers alike seek out the base as a safe haven, some only with the desire for peace, while others strive to restart the War of Independence. Within this mass exodus of refugees is the infamous Mobile Suit pilot, Char Aznable. Caught up in political intrigue and life-or-death skirmishes, Char soon discovers...

  • Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Frame Astrays (2007)

    0 - 0 votes Action Adventure Mecha Sci-fi Shounen

    The year is CE 73. In the midst of the second EA-ZAFT War, Gai Murakamo leads his Serpent Tail mercenary unit into the Republic of East Asia. Soon enough, a ZAFT unit enters the war-torn country with a squad of ZAFT soldiers....

  • Gurren Lagann (1999)

    0 - 0 votes

  • Kimi ni Todoke (2006)

    4.8 - 15 votes Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo Slice of Life

    Sawako Kuronuma is the perfect heroine... for a horror movie. With her jet-black hair, sinister smile and silent demeanor, she's often mistaken for the haunting movie character Sadako. But behind her scary facade is a very misunderstood teenager. Too shy to fit in, all she wants to do is make some friends. But when a popular boy in class befriends her, she's sure to make more than just that--she's about to make some enemies too! In 2008 it won the Best Shoujo Manga award in the 32nd Annual Kodansha Manga Award. The series was also nominated for the first Manga Taisho awards in 2008.

  • Kamisama Hajimemashita (2007)

    4.9 - 18 votes Comedy Fantasy Romance Shoujo Supernatural

    Momozono Nanami’s dad, a man with a penchant for gambling, disappeared after accumulating a huge amount of debt. Thus, she was chased out of her house by the debt collectors. When she met a timid boy being chased by a dog, he told her that he’d give her his house. She believed his persuasive talk, but when she went to his house… it turned out to be a shrine. Moreover, a guy with fox ears appeared, which made Nanami even more confused. What will become of homeless and confused Nanami?

  • Completed

    Battle Royale (2000)

    5 - 1 votes Action Horror Mature Psychological Seinen Tragedy

    In the future, random Jr. High School classes are chosen to compete in a game called Battle Royale. The rules: only one student can survive after 3 days on an island or else they all perish. Weapons are handed out and each student is sent out into the field alone and unprepared for the horror that awaits them. The classmates turn upon themselves in a battle for survival, treaties are made and broken, and former friends become foes as the relentless countdown continues. Amid the betrayals and rising body count, two classmates confess their love for each other and swear to survive this deadly game together.

  • 1/2 Prince (2003)

    4.6 - 15 votes Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Harem Romance Sci-fi Shoujo Shounen

    It is the year 2100A.D., humans have developed a virtual reality game. Feng Lan, due to a bet with her twin brother, vows to beat the game without using her "female benefits." Due to this, she becomes the first female to play as a male character in "Second Life." As her infamy rises as a blood thirsty warrior, can she keep her identity a secret from her real life acquaintances whom she has beaten up?

  • Completed

    Majin Devil (1999)

    0 - 0 votes Action Drama Ecchi Mature Shounen

    Majin Devil is the connection of two stories. It begins with a young gang member who is transformed into a monster by the Majin Devil. The second is the story of how one boy genius uses his intellect to defeat the Majin Devil with the help of some allies he meets along the way. [MAL]

  • Skip Beat! (2002)

    4.9 - 38 votes Comedy Drama Romance Shoujo

    Kyouko Mogami lived solely for her childhood friend Shoutaro "Shou" Fuwa. She follows Shou to Tokyo so that he may realize his dream of becoming a famous singer. When his dream is realized, Kyouko overhears the truth behind his decision to bringing her with him: he was using her as a maid. Shocked and enraged, Kyouko swears to take revenge by outdoing him in show business. With a new look and a new attitude, she joins LME, the agency where Ren Tsuruga (Shou's rival and the #1 actor of LME) works, in the hopes of achieving her goal of destroying Shou's pride. Along the way, she discovers her true self, makes new friends (and enemies), an...

  • Nana to Kaoru Arashi (2010)

    4.8 - 4 votes Drama Ecchi Mature Romance School Life Seinen Slice of Life

    This “Arashi” series begins 8 months in the future of YA, with Nana and Kaoru in the summer of their final year of high school. This series uses a different support cast & a different location setting than the original serialization, and as such it doesn't really spoil anything from the main series.

  • Black Lagoon (2002)

    5 - 2 votes Action Adventure Comedy Drama Ecchi Seinen

    From VIZ: Lock n' load with the baddest soldiers of fortune ever to hit the high seas of Southeast Asia! Aboard their World War II era torpedo boat, the Black Lagoon, Dutch the Boss, Benny the Mechanic, Revy Two Hand, and Rock, the salaryman from Japan, deliver anything, anywhere. In the dangerous underworld of the Russian Mafia, Chinese Triads, Colombian drug cartels, crazed assassins, and ruthless mercenaries, it's hard to know who to trust. But if you've got a delivery to make, and you don't mind a little property damage along the way, you can count on the crew of the Black Lagoon.

  • Detective Conan (2013)

    4.8 - 20 votes Adventure Comedy Mystery Romance Shounen

    Shinichi Kudo is a high school student who, by using observation and deduction, is good at solving mysteries. While investigating one, he is caught by the criminals that he was watching and forced to take an experimental drug. Leaving him for dead, the criminals disappear. Instead of killing him, however, the drug turns Shinichi into a little kid. To preserve the illusion of his \'disappearance\', Shinichi adopts a new name based on his favorite author (Arthur Conan Doyle) and becomes Conan Edogawa. Ran, his (actually Shinichi\'s) childhood friend takes this little boy under her wing and brings him to her home. Conan now lives at a detect...

  • Completed

    Ouran Koukou Host Club (2002)

    4.9 - 19 votes Comedy Gender Bender Harem Romance School Life Shoujo

    In this screwball romantic comedy, Haruhi, a poor girl at a rich kids' school, is forced to repay an $80,000 debt by working for the school's swankiest, all-male club--as a boy! There, she discovers just how wealthy the six members are and how different the rich are from everybody else...

  • Tenjou Tenge (1996)

    4.5 - 4 votes Action Comedy Ecchi Martial Arts Mature School Life Seinen Supernatural

    In one unusual Tokyo high school, education takes a backseat to brawling as warring clubs wreak havoc in the hallways and chaos in the classrooms, all vying to be the baddest team around! Although they often contribute their fair share, only a handful of students serve to stem the tide of violence in this untamed outpost. These are the few, the proud, the powerful: the members of the Juken Club!

  • Crimson Spell (2004)

    4.7 - 35 votes Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Smut Yaoi

    In order to protect his people from attacking demons, Prince Val uses a demonic sword and curses himself in the process. He leaves his kingdom to find a cure, and his search leads him to Hallwil, the person rumored to be the only one who knows how to break the curse. Hallwil agrees to help Val... for a price.

  • Black Bird (2007)

    4.8 - 47 votes Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Shoujo Smut Supernatural

    There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours, and only a special few can see it. Misao Harada is one such person, and she wants nothing to do with magical realms. She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend. But she is the bride of demon prophecy, and her blood grants incredible powers, her flesh immortality. Now the demon realm is fighting over the right to her hand...or her life!

  • The Breaker - New Waves (2010)

    4.8 - 15 votes Action Comedy Drama Martial Arts Romance School Life Shounen

    In the aftermath of the desperate battle between Goomoonryong and the Martial Arts Alliance -- Yi Shioon's ki-center was destroyed by his own master Goomoonryong, leaving him unable to practice martial arts... Even though Shioon is no longer a murim-in, more assailants continue to pursue him. Through his encounter with Goomoonryong, the bullied boy has grown in to a respectable man. However, Shioon must now learn to survive in this chilly world of Murim without his master..

  • Completed

    Hapi Mari (2008)

    4.9 - 41 votes Comedy Drama Josei Romance Smut

    Men - they're the root of Takanashi Chiwa's problems, which is why she never had the time nor the opportunity to have a boyfriend in her entire life. A full-time office lady and a part-time hostess, she works night and day to pay off her dad's debt from his failed business. One night at her part-time job, a high-class customer has her fired. Then the next day, she's called in to see the president - whom she had never even seen before in the office - only to find out she's to marry him! But what kind of guy is Mamiya Hokuto anyway? Will he become one of Chiwa's problems, or will he save her from them? And will this marriage even last?!

  • Baccano! (1999)

    0 - 0 votes

  • Kimi ni Todoke (2005)

    5 - 1 votes Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo Slice of Life

    Sawako Kuronuma is the perfect heroine... for a horror movie. With her jet-black hair, sinister smile and silent demeanor, she's often mistaken for the haunting movie character Sadako. But behind her scary facade is a very misunderstood teenager. Too shy to fit in, all she wants to do is make some friends. But when a popular boy in class befriends her, she's sure to make more than just that--she's about to make some enemies too!

  • Completed

    Love Comedy Style (2005)

    3.3 - 3 votes Comedy Mature Romance School Life Seinen

    Mimori Hibiki's goal was to find love, after leaving her backwater town for schooling in Tokyo. However, her grandmother's demand that she use her feminine wiles to lure a groom back to her hometown, combined with a fateful meeting with a young man, has complicated matters. Now she must attempt to juggle emotion and obligation as she attempts to carry out both of these tasks.

  • The Bride of the Water God (2005)

    4.2 - 17 votes Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Shoujo Supernatural

    When Soah's impoverished, desperate village decides to sacrifice her to the Water God Habaek to end a long drought, they believe that drowning one beautiful girl will save their entire community and bring much-needed rain. Not only is Soah surprised to be rescued by the Water God-instead of killed-she never imagined she'd be a welcomed guest in Habaek's magical kingdom, where an exciting new life awaits her! Most surprising, however, is the Water God himself... and how very different he is from the monster Soah imagined.

  • Franken Fran (2006)

    0 - 0 votes Comedy Drama Horror Mature Mystery Psychological Sci-fi Shounen

    Fran can make anyone into anything, raise the dead, switch heads and bodies, and give you those eyes that you've always wanted. But do you actually want them? Is it a good thing to raise the dead? Do the ends justify the means? And does Fran care? Warning: some chapters have near-guro content

  • Gintama (2003)

    5 - 9 votes Action Adventure Comedy Historical Sci-fi Shounen Supernatural

    Sakata Gintoki is a samurai living in an era when samurais are no longer needed. To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade. Gintoki lives with Kagura and Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world a better place... and to pay their rent.

  • Love Junkies (1999)

    4 - 1 votes Comedy Drama Ecchi Mature Romance Seinen

    Eitaro is hooked to the erotic chats... Someone steals Sakuko's lingerie... Ai is determined to lose her virginity... Everybody is hooked on love... or is it to sex?! An excellent ongoing erotic manga by Kyo Hatsuki following the trials and sexual triumphs of the main character. The story travels from - "Will he ever get laid?" to - "Will he ever get a steady girlfriend?" to - "Will he ever learn to keep it in his pants?!" A fun read with a humorous story.

  • Himiko-Den (1999)

    0 - 0 votes

  • Completed

    Battle Angel Alita (1990)

    5 - 2 votes Action Mature Sci-fi Seinen

    Alita is a powerful cyborg with a soft heart and a mysterious past. Her second lease on life isn\'t easy: her heart is broken, she gains and loses friends to the cruel world of the Scrapyard far below the Utopian city of Tiphares, and she serves many masters in her quest to protect the innocent and create a new life for herself.

  • Seikon no Qwaser (2006)

    5 - 1 votes Action Adult Ecchi Harem Mature Romance School Life Smut Supernatural Yuri

    The St. Mikhailov Academy student Oribe Mafuyu comes across a mysterious silver haired boy. He is called a Qwaser, a being that draws power from Soma and is able to manipulate a specific element. And now, in the 21st century, the mystery revolving around an Icon turns the academy into the battlegrounds for the fight between the Qwaser!

  • Trigun Maximum (1999)

    5 - 1 votes

  • Completed

    Okusama wa Joshi Kousei (2001)

    4 - 1 votes Comedy Ecchi Mature Romance School Life Seinen

    Onohara Asami is a cute, 17 year-old, 2nd year high school student. What nobody knows is that she's actually already married, to her physics teacher. Besides her responsibility as a student, she now has to take care of the household and keep the marriage a secret in school. Will she be able to do all of this and will she succeed in making her danna-sama (husband) interested in her?

  • Mahou Tsukai Kurohime (1999)

    4 - 2 votes Action Adventure Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Romance Shounen Supernatural

    A young boy is saved by a mysterious gunfighter who uses magical bullets. She is the greatest magician in the world but disappears shortly after saving him. Having fallen in love with her, he trains to become a gun fighter and ten years later, his search comes to an end but his adventure has just begun. From VIZ: Kurohime is a buxom witch with the power to control magical guns. She once made the mistake of challenging the gods and was cursed for her foolishness! Transformed into a little girl named Himeko, she can only regain her former body and powers when she falls in love. But finding love in a world fraught with evil is no easy task....