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D.Gray-Man dj - Family Walker

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From BangAQUA: Pairing: Allen x Kanda V1: Kanda don't want to have nothing with the little child's and so they got in troubles because they know "Mama" don't want to be they Mama... V2: Kanda get a lovely night and his body got the "pain" in the next norming. The Yuu and Aren think it's Allen fault and he, Daddy, is bulling Kanda, Mommy. They stop trust Allen because of that and some little invent make them think the oppose... what did happened? V3: The syrup rice cakes were stolen and so "PAPA" got depressed, or Allen decided to go search for the culprit. However at the same time they found General Cross. Will they be ok? V4: It's Christmas time and Aren and Yuu are enthusiastic with Santa Claus visit. Even so a Akuma's attack came near the Order and Allen and Kanda needed to kill them, even without saying bye to the children. Thinking they are alone and so they decided to go to their "parents". Although it came all fine... they disappear a second time. V5: Kanda discovers that innocence is actually the reason why the Aren and Yuu appeared! So they decided to return the innocence to Helbraska, though Kanda's feeling were more strong and the kids returned once more to they parents, and the family is now complete!

Manga by NAGI Kanako

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