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Elektel Delusion

妄想エレキテル, 妄想純愛電波, Delusion Elektel, Electricity Delusion, Elektel Delusion, Mousou Electricity

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Shunpei and Fumi are best friends and neighbours. One day, Fumi tells Shunpei he might be gay and has agreed to go out with another guy in school. Shocked at this sudden confession (but very accepting), Shunpei questions Fumi about all sorts of things regarding his newly-discovered homosexuality - subtly aware that he's disappointed that Fumi picked someone else over him - and, upon meeting the boyfriend, cannot take that Fumi chose someone who was more or less normal... like Shunpei!NOTE: Chapter 5 and 6 of volume 1 are extras of Otona Keikenchi.

Manga by Nekota Yonezou

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  • Grimmish · 7 months ago

    Besides the fact that chapters are kinda out of order and repeat, the story.. is just adorable:3 its so cute.

  • vin · 7 months ago

    I've reuploaded most of the chapters so should be better now :)

  • vin · 7 months ago

    Let me know if the order is better now ^^

  • feszkesfene · 4 months ago

    i like this story very much, it's really cute and adorable :3 one of my favourite yaoi mangakas is nekota-sensei, she always does a great job! though it's a pity that the updates are really slow :(

  • Startear · 4 months ago

    I think I've fallen in love with gay guy just by reading nekota sensei's manga...*.*

  • sad86 · 4 months ago

    love it

  • solllly008 · 4 months ago


  • tayrashashank · 3 months ago

    well done nekota san

  • lykt · 1 month ago

    Great reading! I love the pairing's dynamics. I'm really cheering for the side-couple though hahaha go go satonaka!!!

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