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Echo-Pun Manga

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Echo-Pun is a 4koma about Eiko and Haruka, two childhood friends who loved superheroes and pretended to be heroes while playing together. While in grade school, Eiko had to move away, but the two promised to meet up again in high school and become superheroes for real. Haruka grows up into a normal girl, and upon entering high school, she suddenly meets her old friend Eiko. Eiko, however, is wearing a costume, fighting bullies, and calling herself Echo, a superhero. She tries to keep Eiko out of trouble both with the bad guys and with the disciplinary committee president, a girl named Kamikaze Shiori who, for some reason, seems quite interested in Eiko. Can Haruka reclaim her old friend, or will she be dragged back into the world of alter egos, costumes, and justice?

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  • Alternative title(s):えこぱん; Echopan; Ekopan
  • Released in:Unkown
  • Author(s):Yoneda Kazusa
  • Artist(s):Yoneda Kazusa
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Seinen
  • Status:Ongoing


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