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Dragon Ball


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The genius Bulma, while searching for the Dragon Balls which can grant any wish, meets a simple minded little boy with a strange monkey tail, Son Goku. Together, they meet many people and many foes in their adventure chasing after the Dragon Balls, with Son Goku progressively learning to be the best fighter. Dragon Ball is loosely based on the Chinese story Saiyuki (Journey to the West).

Manga by TORIYAMA Akira

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  • merjoem32 · 3 months ago

    This manga and anime has been part of my childhood. I still watch and reread it after more than two decades of being a fan.

  • drakedraco102 · 3 months ago

    one of the best read that there might be more chapters take place after battle of the gods:)

  • katana123199 · 3 months ago

    I believe the manga told the story better but the anime did depict the action scene to the fullest.

  • shar · 2 months ago

    the most epic manga i've ever read...

  • spikeleonardo · 2 months ago

    I have so many memories with this manga.I am reading this manga for the fifth time

  • ankitrakesh001 · 2 months ago

    Came like a story and still stays like a legend

  • tayrashashank · 2 months ago

    very good manga worth reaD

  • gomblik · 2 months ago

    Manga wich one of the legend manga, Dragon ball is the manga can cross of America market. And I think song Goku character is the strongest and the perfect character of all anime character.

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