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Doko ga Ikenai!? Manga

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Older brother, Ikusa, is great at fighting, but is better at housework. Younger brother, Mikado, harbors feelings for his older brother. But Mikado can't get his feelings through with a direct attack, so he uses Ikusa's weakness, alcohol, to get his way...!!! Even cousins Riki and Miyako and little sister, Konomi-chan, get sucked into the craziness of this erotic comic series.

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Doko ga Ikenai!?

  • Alternative title(s):ドコがイケない!?, Doko ga Ike nai!?, Is it so Wrong!?
  • Released in:2004
  • Author(s):Dr. Ten
  • Artist(s):Dr. Ten
  • Type:Manga
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Yaoi
  • Status:Completed


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