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Dear Green: Hitomi no Ounowa

ディア・グリーン 瞳の追うのは, 深瞳之戀, 眼神的方向, Dear Green: Hitomi no Onowa, Hitomi no Ounowa, Hitomi no Ounowa (Dear Green)

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Volume 1: 1-5) Hitomi no Ounowa The first meeting between the boyfriend, Otoumi Kou, and the best friend, Yajima Yukari, did not go well... Despite that, they soon forged a great friendship, with Ryoko as the unwavering bond between them. Side story - xx Happier Feeling down in the dumps, Narusawa Atsuki goes for a walk and runs into fellow university mate Tsutsui Ryouji. Thinking that he is also down on his luck, he invites him for a drink. Volume 2: 6-11) Hitomi no Ounowa Yajima is upset that Otoumi got smashed with Uchiyama. Extras: Stalking Baby The last thing that the son of the owner of an eatery expects when he confronts a youth that has been stalking him is a confession. The Direction of Desire The feelings regarding the kiss shared between Otoumi and Uchiyama from the latter's view. Volume 3: 12) Yajima picks himself up after the snubbing from Otoumi. He tries to show that he means what he said. 13) Yajima starts his new job at the cafe near Otoumi's place. 14) Otoumi runs into Ryoko when he goes to attend his sister's wedding. 15) Yajima waits anxiously for Otoumi's return from his sister's wedding. With time on his hands, he starts to ponder about his growing feelings for Otoumi. 16) Otoumi and Yajima go shopping for a mobile phone and run into Miura and her friend that was interested in Otoumi. 17) It has been 3 years since Yajima started working at the cafe near Otoumi's place, and he starts thinking about opening his own cafe. Just at that time, Otoumi comes across a very attractive ad for a shop-house. 18-21) We catch up to Otoumi and Yajima in the present time as seen in Dear Green, and events continue on shortly after that.

Manga by FUJIYAMA Hyouta

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