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ディー・グレイマン, 驱魔少年, D Gray Man, D Grayman, Dī Gureiman, D.Gray-man, D·格雷少年, D-Grayman, D. Gray Man, D. Gray-Man, D.Grayman

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Set in a fictional 19th century England, D.Gray-man is the story of Allen Walker, a 15-year-old boy who roams the earth in search of Innocence. Washed away to unknown parts of the world after the Great Flood, Innocence is the mysterious substance used to create weapons that obliterate demons known as akuma.

Manga by HOSHINO Katsura

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  • runesuki1311 · 6 months ago

    why are there no new chapters?! im getting very sad very fast...

  • VickaSanity · 5 months ago

    I cannot wait for Hoshino Katsura to write more <3 I've read the whole thing three time and would really enjoy knowing what happens!!

  • sburstall · 5 months ago

    The series is on hiatus right now.

  • ComicTime · 4 months ago

    more chapters, more chapters, more chapters, more chapters, more chapters,

  • misy90 · 4 months ago

    i waited for update for many years and there is nothig yet TT~TT

  • Alreem · 4 months ago

    a great manga but it is very slow ...

  • merjoem32 · 4 months ago

    one of my favorites. but updates are disappointingly slow...

  • VickaSanity · 4 months ago

    @sburstall I know :( I'm hoping that'll change some time soon. This is my favorite anime add manga of all time! I've probably read over 300 Fan fictions for just this year T_T I'm ready for the real thing.

  • yurika27_ · 4 months ago

    when the next upload

  • Koinu-san · 4 months ago

    I miss this series so much. It's my favorite but it goes on hiatus when it's getting to the climax of the series. I really do hope it continues ut my hope is starting to die. Come back Hoshino~!

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