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Cutlass: A Time for Boys Cutlass: Shounen tachi no toki

Last chapters 9 Impossible Mission <Plunder> 8 At the Coral Reef Island 7 Encounter

Tsubasa has always been a little weird and detached, but when he gets dragged into a different world to rescue his supposedly lost mother, his brother Tokimaru knows that there is something more to his background. There they meet up with a mysterious character Shroud, captain of a pirate's ship, and he becomes an aid in their adventures. This is a very mild shounen ai series, but the story is very strong with lots of action, and all the characters are very memorable.

Manga by HIGURI Yuu

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  • Volume 2
  • 5 years agoCutlass 9: Impossible Mission <Plunder>
  • 5 years agoCutlass 8: At the Coral Reef Island
  • 5 years agoCutlass 7: Encounter
  • 5 years agoCutlass 6: Amidst the Devil's Fog
  • Volume 1
  • 5 years agoCutlass 5: Tempest......The Prelude
  • 5 years agoCutlass 4: Shroud
  • 5 years agoCutlass 3: The Turbulant Dark Cloud
  • 5 years agoCutlass 2: Opening the Door to Another Dimension
  • 5 years agoCutlass 1: The Boy Who Dreamt of Fish

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