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Chizumi & Fujiomi Manga

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Chizumi is a high school student with Fujiomi, who is her senior by one year. However, the story continues on to when Fujiomi goes to college and Chizumi is still in high school. Chizumi is your average clumsy girl and Fujiomi your hot guy, which makes you wonder how the pair fits together. Indeed, many other characters in the story wonder the same thing and do not hesitate to test the limits of this peculiar relationship. Their story continues over 3 series: Haru wo Matsukoro (1 volume), Pastel Kibun (1 volume) and Gin Iro Ehon (1 Volume). 3 volumes total. The first volume includes a short story called April Magic. [B-U M]

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Chizumi & Fujiomi

  • Alternative title(s):Haru wo Matsukoro, The Time Where They Wait for Spring, Wait for Spring
  • Released in:1999
  • Author(s):HIKAWA Kyouko
  • Artist(s):HIKAWA Kyouko
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Romance, Shoujo
  • Status:Completed


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