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Child Epicurean

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From Liquid Passion: A retrospective work that contains 10 oneshots. This is hard core shota that involves boys of the same age and boys with older men. The stories contain eager ukes and hilarious sex talk. It also features a threesome, cosplay, and double penetration! Vol. 1 Ch. 001 : You can learn a lot more from your older brother's friend then you ever thought that you'd learn... NOTE: THE SCANLATED CHAPTERS WERE CHOSEN ONLY BY THE SCANLATOR (OTHER CHAPTERS ARE TOO OBSCENE FOR PUBLIC VIEW)

Manga by Minami Haruka

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  • tayrashashank · 2 months ago

    Child Epicurean is about children and sex. Wait - take out the "and." Yes, children sex, and shotacon in some chapters. I expected this manga to be explict, but actually have a good plot and reasonable - and adorable - characters. Oh, how my hopes were dashed within the first few pages of chapter one. Story: Definitely not a good plot. Once two boy characters interact, sex blooms straight away. Like sex every page. Of course, there's nothing wrong with hot guy sex, but a fangirl can only take so much of plotless pictures of naked men - or boys in this case. With much thought (probably thirty seconds of debating between a higher score or a lower one), I give the story a four. Art: The art is what made me want to start reading Child Epicurean right away. I love bishounen, so I instantly got attracted to this. There was one major flaw in this mangaka's art, though... every character looked the same. Hell, slap on some glasses and a larger penis on the same character, and you have a whole new one. Nevertheless, the art was still good. Given, the art's a seven. Character: Eh... I felt like I rated the character a lot higher than I should've. The manga never has any background story, no problems, nothing - nada. Like I said before, it was just plain sex. But what made me give character a five was because the main plot for each story was different. Enjoyment: A six. I was harsh on the other elements (above), but every fangirl loves gay sex and whatnot. Overall: Overall is a five. I can't say I'm too fond with this manga, but I definitely don't hate it. Not a must read, but I gurantee you that you will get something hot from this manga

  • witch2013 · 2 months ago

    Oohhh just the type of yaoi id go for,

  • prettylady · 2 months ago

    It looks like an awesome comic book

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