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Bakufuu Cinderella Sensen Manga

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Hinazato Tsugumi, a normal girl, accidentally got picked as Miss Madonna for the Shiratori Girls School, a very select girls high school for the rich. Anyways, so now Tsugumi, a girl from a middle class background is attending Shiratori and trying to adjust to being the centre of attention amidst all of these high-class people. Of course, she's not ashamed of her background, she's very high-spirited and cheerful. Takaomi, a slacker from the private boys' school next-door, is exactly the opposite-apathetic, and always napping outside. How will they deal with each other? Hinasato Tsugumi, a simple middle class girl, gets a scholarship for a very select upper class girls' high school by accident. She now tries to adjust to this new life amongst the upper class snobs.

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Bakufuu Cinderella Sensen

  • Alternative title(s):爆風シンデレラ戦線, Explosive Cinderella Warfront
  • Released in:1997
  • Author(s):AZUKI Ryou
  • Artist(s):AZUKI Ryou
  • Type:Manga
  • Genre(s): Romance, School Life, Shoujo
  • Status:Completed


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