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bad moon

Bad Moon, Bad Moon..., Bad Moon (TAIRA Hajime)

Last chapters 4 Splash in New York (Latter Part) 3 Splash in New York (First Part) 2 Dangerous Moon (Latter Part)

Kazuki's had a 16 year grace-period of peace and relative normalcy; smuggled to Japan and raised by a kindly old woman he's grown up to be a bright and friendly boy. His childhood friendship to the girl next door is just beginning to blossom into romance and the death of his ward leaves him with enough character-building angst to set him up for just about any cliche shoujo adventure Yukari Ito has in mind. Unfortunately, Yukari Ito is TOTALLY insane and has decided to make him a vampiric kitten engaged from birth to a Nightmare. (from doki-doki)

Manga by Ito Yukari

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  • Volume 1
  • 8 years agobad moon 4: Splash in New York (Latter Part)
  • 8 years agobad moon 3: Splash in New York (First Part)
  • 8 years agobad moon 2: Dangerous Moon (Latter Part)
  • 8 years agobad moon 1: Dangerous Moon (First Part)

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