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Asura, アスラ

Last chapters 4 Face Woman 3 Resounding in the Blue Sky 2.5 Resounding in the Blue Sky

Hot demonic lords appear one after another, all aiming for Haruka, who doesn't have a single relative! It is said that the one who gets Haruka will lead the way to happiness for their family, but...!?

Manga by Nakamura Rie

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  • Volume 2
  • 5 years agoAsura 4: Face Woman
  • Volume 1
  • 3 years agoAsura 3: Resounding in the Blue Sky
  • 3 years agoAsura 2.5: Resounding in the Blue Sky
  • 5 years agoAsura 2: Ice in the Heart
  • 5 years agoAsura 1: Reckless Demon

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