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Aniki Joutou Manga

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Ryuusei has always admired his hard-working, sex-magnet brother Ichirou. After witnessing brothers Ichirou and Gou in an incestuous embrace, Ryuusei questions his own desire to monopolize Ichirou's affections. Much hilarity and angst ensues as numerous revelations assault their relationship. Will Ryuusei's rebelliousness and jealous acts win out against Ichirou's attempts to over-protect him with lies and obfuscation? (from Obsession) Volume 1 includes a oneshot called Gentle Green: A rebellious, hot-headed latchkey kid was sent to work at his estranged grandfather's gardening centre. There, Haruki met and immediately disliked a gardening apprentice who's a British-born Caucasian. But having been neglected by his family all these years, he received little acts of kindness from the enigmatic apprentice, which made him slowly fall in love. However there are ghosts from the Brit's past he has to deal with...

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Aniki Joutou

  • Alternative title(s):Gentle Green , Yaizu Brothers , Yaizu Brothers Fucking Cool , Yaizu Brothers, Fuckin' Cool!!! , Yaizu Brothers, Fucking Cool
  • Released in:2001
  • Author(s):KANO Shiuko
  • Artist(s):KANO Shiuko
  • Type:Manga
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Smut, Yaoi
  • Status:Completed


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