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Akikan, Akikan!, アキカン!, 空罐少女!, Empty Can!

Last chapters 7 An Akikan Future! 6 A Decisive Moment 5 A Girl's Heart, Deep In Thought

The story revolves around a typical high school boy named Kakeru Daichi and the can of melon juice soda that he bought from a vending machine. The can suddenly transforms into a beautiful but standoffish girl that Kakeru nicknames "Melon," and more "Akikan" ("empty can") girls appear. However, Akikan girls need to be infused with carbon dioxide from kissing to survive.

Manga by Ranjo Riku

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  • Volume 1
  • 5 years agoAkikan 7: An Akikan Future!
  • 5 years agoAkikan 6: A Decisive Moment
  • 5 years agoAkikan 5: A Girl's Heart, Deep In Thought
  • 5 years agoAkikan 4: A Girl's Feelings
  • 3 years agoAkikan 3: ?????KAN?
  • 3 years agoAkikan 2: Time KAN's at School
  • 3 years agoAkikan 1: Tokimeki's Pre-KAN?

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