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5-ji kara 9-ji made

从5点到9点; 朝5晚9; 5時から9時まで; From Five to Nine; From Five to Nine (Aihara MIki)

Last chapters 14 13 In Her Shoes 12 Some Kind of Wonderful

Sakuraba Junko is turning 27 years old soon, but even so, she is without a boyfriend. But who cares?! Junko has a stable job as an English teacher and she is fine with spending her upcoming birthday alone. Well, until she is set up with on an omiai with a Buddhist monk... which, of course, she rejects. But then he shows up at her school where he has enrolled in private lessons... what will become of our Junko-sensei?

Manga by Aihara Miki

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  • rosebud1995 · 5 months ago

    I've never really liked Aihara Miki's work, because I feel like a lot of her stories are similar (multiple hot guys, girl can't pick one). But this one, this one I like; to an extent. I can't stand the main character and how it is presented as 'love' when it's really just a lot of manipulating and a man who can't control himself. When Junko is locked in a room for a whole day because her 'fiance' doesn't want her to leave, and he intends to keep her in there forever. (he's serious okay, he locks her basically in a forgotten room on their land, where it is far away so no one can hear her if she called for help). What pissed me off, is that it is somehow played out to be seen as sweet. SWEET. LOCKING SOMEONE UP IN A ROOM TO BE HOSTAGE IS SEEN AS SWEET. But Junko isn't really that much of a likeable character either. She's manipulative. She has this poor viewed idea of what the USA is really like, and does agree to marry this monk (the guy who locked her up in the room) but secretly intends to take a test that may let her live abroad and just continue to lead him on until he gets tired of her. Really? REALLY?! As you can see, I'm not that fond of the main character. But the side characters? I love the side characters. There's a fujoshi teacher at the English school, and boy is she the most relateable character (along with a few others) and the one (in my opinion) who seems to be the most sane and funniest. I wish this manga was updated more, so I could read about the fujoshi teacher, rather than Junko and the crazy monk.

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